Find all available Iron Orchid Designs products like decor stamps, moulds and the beautiful transfers! Stamps and Moulds are so versatile. The moulds are food safe so not only can they be used for resins or clays, but also foods like fondant, chocolate.... Their stamps are also made of food-safe silicone so can be used with so many different mediums. The innovative image transfers are so beautiful and easy to apply - just rub them on! IOD products are so hot that if you see what you like, we suggest you purchase it. They disappear quickly and it is not easy for stockists to get them in stock as the demand has been so great!

If you don't see your item as an option to buy, then we are out. It will appear again when in stock.

Please plan buying 1 of any product. We can not sync our POS with the inventory on our cart. So, If a product shows up on the cart, we will have at least one in stock. If more are desired, please call us (774-361-6708 9 a.m. - 8 p,m. EST) exact numbers of the product you desire. On rare occasion, there could be an overlap time where we sell the last of the product at our store prior to updating on our cart. In that case, we will contact you with the option of refund or for you to wait for delivery.

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