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Palmetto - Chalk Mineral Paint by Dixie Belle

Palmetto - Chalk Mineral Paint by Dixie Belle

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Dixie Belle Paints are a high quality, water-based mineral chalk paint that is VOC friendly. Easy water clean up but they dry to a durable finish. What we like best - smooth application, incredible coverage, versatile, and durable. Use Dixie Belle Paints for a formal full paint coverage look, distress/vintage look or for the en trend color blending effect.

Palmetto is a dark and luscious green inspired by lively Palmetto plants. This rich and bold color is sure to help grow your creative energy when it come to painting any project!

Paint your front door or a your kitchen counter, paint it with Palmetto!

This color blends to perfection with other Dixie Belle Blue hues.

Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed and matched to create any custom color you can imagine!

1 Part Palmetto + 1 Part Peacock = Peametto


*actual colors may vary