We’re proud to announce we now carry Chateau Chic Chalk Paints and Natural Waxes!  3C paint is a high quality paint that applies easily, adheres well, sands easily…it’s a breeze to work with!  So many yummy colors too!

color swatch card

All the beautiful colors available in Chateau Chic Chalk Paints

Chalk paint

Chateau Chic Paints – Now available at Seaporium

stacks of 24 oz paints

24 oz. Chateau Chic Paint

21 oz paint stacks

21 oz Chateau Chic Chalk Paint



We carry Cottage Paint finishes and specialty paint products and brushes!!!  If you love the feel of wax but don’t love how it looks a year down the road OR you want to re-paint your piece down the road WITHOUT stripping the wax?  You’d better run in and grab Cottage Paint’s Acrylic Wax!!!

Cottage Paint Flat Wax

Seaporium – Cottage Paint Flat Wax

Peel A Way

Seaporium – Cottage Paint’s Peel-A-Way

Cottage Paint Transfer Gel

Seaporium – Cottage Paint’s Transfer Gel

acrylic umber wax

Seaporium – Cottage Paint – Acrylic Umber wax

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