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Silk Mineral Paint by Dixie Belle Paint Company

Silk Mineral Paint - All in One!

As you see in this how to video, it works so very differently than the Chalk Mineral Paints (or other mineral paints) for your painted furniture and decor needs.  Here, prep is key!  Clean well with Mineral Spirits, then with White Lightning and rinse well.  If you feel there was a lot of built up "gunk" on your piece, we suggest you then wipe well with Denatured Alcohol.  This is what we do for any piece anyways, regardless of what paint is being used.  Then, you should scuff sand with fine grit sand paper.  If you feel the surface is very slick, is a stone or metal or laminate like a Formica, we also suggest priming with Dixie Belle's Slick Stick.  The primer built-in to Silk is a blocking primer - for blocking tanins/bleed or odor.  If you feel your piece will bleed a lot (like Mahogany), then we suggest you apply additional coats of our blocking primer, Boss.  

Once ready to paint, unlike Chalk/Clay paints, Silk doesn't play well with water.  use a dry synthetic brush.  Shake then stir your Silk paint well.  There are 3 ingredients inside (primer, paint, topcoat), so mix them well. Work your strokes the way you would like them to appear when the piece is finished.  It isn't as forgiving as the other mineral paints.  Apply semi-generously and don't overwork.  It will self-level pretty well.  It takes a bit longer to dry.  So allow a few hours between coats.  When dry, the finish has a beautifully soft matte finish.  Though there is the equal to 1 coat of top coat, we suggest adding an additional coat or two of a water base top coat like Clear Coat Satin or Gloss.  You can also use wax.  The paint cures @ 30 days.

Silk Mineral Paint is beautiful to work with. If you are not a fan of the chalk style paints, then you will love Silk.

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