Opening @ hour late (@11:00 am) Wednesday, August 16.

Local Art

We have many consigned, local artisans' work available at our store.  We have begun to highlight some pieces from artists that will be exclusively available online.  This means, periodically, we will pull aside a small array of our artists' work and list them for sale online here.  This way, they are not being purchased in store to create a high probability of them being in stock for you.  (We can not link our register system with the site/online store so there is a remote chance an item is purchased before we have an opportunity to remove from our online store).

We truly believe we have a fantastic array of local talent that you will not find everywhere else.  If you've been into our store, you know what we are talking about.   Below is a sampling of artists in our store (and may find in our online store).  Be sure to check our FB/IG feeds to see the latest featured artist/s or just go to our online store periodically.

Glittered Mermaid Prints

Shell Chicken

Hand Beaded Spread Knives

Local Crafts Collage

Local Jewelry