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Iron Orchid Designs Transfers

IOD Midnight Garden Drawered Cabinet


They create the artwork, you simply apply it!

Make things beautiful easily by rubbing-on these transfer images.  They are of the highest quality - like none other!  You can layer them. You can combine them with IOD stamps and/or moulds.  You can even use them with decoupage projects and painted fabrics.  There are so many quality images available to you to use whole, portions of -  or paint the "Paintable" transfers.  There are many ways to make them personal for your use and style.

You just need a clean, sealed surface (water base) and with the included tool, you place your transfer and start rubbing.  Get an air bubble to help pull the image off the carrier sheet.   Once the whole image is off the carrier sheet, be sure to "burnish" the whole image to be sure the whole image is appropriately adhered to your surface.  If desired, you can distress your image/s and you can layer them.  When satisfied, seal your project a couple times with a water-based topcoat or furniture wax.   

Printable Instructions/Tips Sheet 

See a playlist of helpful transfer tutorial videos HERE

Iron Orchid Designs Sea Queen Dresser