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Iron Orchid Designs Moulds

IOD Mould Whale Trunk


Add Some Ultimate Elegance!

Made of high quality silicone, Iron Orchid Design's moulds allows you to add dimensional elegance to your furniture, crafting, pottery or baking projects.  Just fill with your medium of choice and you glue onto your project.  You can use clays like our Air Dry Clay or Polymer clay.  You can also fill with resin - we suggest the quick dry resins.  When baking, using your baking only set of moulds, press fondants, doughs or chocolates and create culinary masterpieces.  For pottery or ceramics, use the clay in the moulds to enhance your original creations.  For furniture or crafts, make something that was dull and lifeless become beautiful with dimension like key holes, backplates, trims...

IOD moulds will last you a lifetime if taken care of.  Just clean with warm soapy water.  They are oven safe to 425 degrees. They really are so durable!

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IOD Moulded Shoe Stretcher