Opening @ hour late (@11:00 am) Wednesday, August 16.

Iron Orchid Designs

Learn about Iron Orchid Designs high quality DIY decor products.  Use IOD stamps, moulds and transfers to transform your furniture, home decor and any other crafty, baking, jewelry, pottery..... projects into truly unique pieces regardless of your creative skill level.

Learn about IOD Stamps - They are made of the highest quality food-safe materials and the artwork is incredible!  Use these stamps with the greatest variety of mediums and project types.

Learn about IOD Moulds -  They are also made of the highest quality food-safe silicone material.  They are oven safe to 425 degrees.  Use them for furniture, crafting, sugar arts (fondants, doughs, chocolates...).  Use a variety of clays - IOD Air Dry Clay, paper clay, polymer clay, potter...

Learn about IOD Transfers - As long as you have a sealed, very dry and very clean surface all you have to do is rub-on the beautiful imagery!  Use them on furniture, crafts, home decor (they love mirrors or glass).  You can use on fabrics too as long as is sealed with paint, topcoat... and won't be put through laundry.

Learn about IOD Paint Inlays - They ALL NEW technology developed by this amazing company.  They are actual paint in multi-color designs that are actually inlaid into your wet paint.  When applied, the design is actual paint and will not sun-bleach like a transfer can.  They are versatile and so fun!  Learn more here by going to the Inlays info page.