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IOD Paint Inlays

    Paint  Inlays are very, very different from Image Transfers, Decor Transfers or Decoupage. 

    You must be mindful that different paint types will require slightly different dry-times/applications.  We use Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paints.  Silk Mineral Paints would not be ideal.  Paint Inlays thrive in a water-reactive paint like chalk-style and clay paints.  Paints with any amount of polymers (like acrylic base paints, which DBP Chalk Mineral Paints do have) you will want to be careful how long you leave the Inlays in drying/dried paint.  We find that the Inlays work well when you wet the backside of the Inlay paper when applying and try not to overload the base paint.  Allow to dry to the touch yet still feels cool then re-wet and peel off.

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    For Grisaille Toile Paint Inlay, the product packaging has incorrect imagery - Here is the corrected image layout and a bonus...

    The individual images were laid out incorrectly on the product packaging.   You can also see how to repeat the pattern for a much larger pattern.