Opening @ hour late (@11:00 am) Wednesday, August 16.

Cape Cod Sea Scents


Cape Cod Sea Scents Body Care and Soy Candles are some of the highest quality products to be found anywhere.  They are hand made in small batches.

The soaps, lotions, scrubs, bath bombs and hand sanitizers are natural and hand made.  Our scents are incredible and often are labeled with local themed scents.  Our lotions do have preservatives for your protection but they are also naturally based.  Have severe dry skin, you really need to try our Sugar Scrubs followed by our decadent lotions.

Our unique candles are incredible!  We have some classic scents and some complex ones too.  We are in love with our candles in coconut shells and you will be too once you smell them!  Be green and use the shells afterwards for jewelry/coin catch-alls or desert and drink cups.  Staying green, our plastic wrap on the small coconut shells are biodegradable.

Cape Cod Sea Scents Body Care

Cape Cod Sea Scents Candles