Opening @ hour late (@11:00 am) Wednesday, August 16.

Whew! Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our new (3rd) website!  Hopefully, 3 times is a charm!  

For those of you who are new, we welcome you to the new platform.  We hope it simplifies your shopping experience and that we have less (hopefully no) inventory issues when ordering.  Some people found our other site confusing.  So, we hope you think this is easier to navigate.  It is difficult to move from one platform to another as they do things differently.  We know you loved to visit our informational pages and we have included them there.  Once everything is up and running (& I get time), I will go to these pages and make sure links are working so you can view the information easily and see the YouTube playlists.  Shipping is very different for us as well.  I'm a little scared, but hopefully, we have created options that works well for everyone.  However, as in the past, if we find shipping at a more affordable cost and we can save you money, we refund the difference (giving ourselves @ $1.50 due to fees incurred with refunds).   We hope if you see a problem, that you reach out to us and let us know.  

For our new customers, welcome as well!  We hope you find everything you need to.  We do have information for you on the products we use.  Please go to our Products/Information pages (see menu) to search.  We are very hands-on.  Use our email, our social sites, our contact form - or even easier - use the chat button to ask question or just say HI!  You will want to follow/like our social sites. 

As always, if travelling to Massachusetts, please stop by our little store and say hello!  

If you live near by - we are located at the very far West end of Main street in the village of Hyannis.  Travel past Sea Street but we're before Brazilian Grille (on opposite side of street).  Please stop by and see our local artisans' work, our craftiness at play or inquire about custom painting.  If you're looking to spruce up your cottage or furnish your new home, we would love to work with you!

As for classes...We do look forward to hosting them again.  However, we are so busy at the moment with setting up this site, our new register system, setting up our new Dixie Belle Paint line... and the upcoming busy tourist season, our heads are spinning and can't even think about setting up classes during this (still) pandemic.  We know the pandemic is rounding down in a way, yet as I write this, Cape Cod is in the Red!  Please be patient with us as we figure this all out when we can!

We are happy to help you any way we can.  We love to demonstrate the Iron Orchid Designs products as well!

Follow our social sites (links at bottom of page - or site/"seaporium" with any of the platforms) even on YouTube as we are often providing videos on these channels.  Pinterest will be developing soon!

We are certainly a unique shop - perhaps one of Cape Cod's most unique, eclectic shop.  

Thank you for your new and continued support!  You do make a difference for our small business!  

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