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It's Been Awhile....

Wow!  I can't believe the whole Summer blew by and I didn't even get to staying in touch.  We're very excited to share with you some exciting news events...

We've Made Room for Classes

We re-arranged bunches of things to create a space not only for us to work but perform dual-duty as a classroom space.  We now have bunches of classes already available.  Be sure to check out the available classes.

We will continue to add new classes as well.

The hard part was adding class space and the classes to our offerings.  Next, we will try some version of digital classes too where you purchase kits and get a private link to a video and private FaceBook group.  Perhaps, we'll figure out how to do Zoom classes!

New Iron Orchid Designs Products

We've been slowly releasing new products from Iron Orchid Designs.  With the supply chain issues all companies are struggling with, IOD has done their best to get us their new designs including their newest product - a revolutionary new type of product called Paint Inlays.

Paint Inlays come in two patterns to start and they are totally different from all other DIY products.  They are actual artist quality paint designs on a carrier sheet that get embedded into your wet paint.  They do work best with water-based paints especially ones that remain open with water activation until sealed.  Though Dixie Belle Paints do have polymers as they are an acrylic based mineral paint, we have found the new Inlays work well if you spray the carrier sheet to apply and don't let the Inlay set into the paint for too long.  

Paint Inlays can be used a 2nd and even perhaps a 3rd or 4th time.  Each time you re-use the Inlay, you get a more distressed, vintage look.  Also, each time you use, a small amount of the base paints can work their way into your application as well which adds to the authentic vintage feel. 

You can find instructions here . 

See our instructional videos here

Other new products from IOD are (starting from their first part of this year's new releases) -

Stamps: Peonies, Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, Alphabellies, Sprigs, Branches, Grapes and now Fruitful Harvest, Vintage Textures & Merry and Bright (Christmas)

Moulds: Sunflowers, Cameos, Frames, Roses, Trimmings 3 and now Grapes 

Transfers: Exploration, English Toile, Traditional Pots, Redoute II, June (Ode to Henry Fletcher), Floral Anthology, and now Brocante and Figgy Pudding (Holiday)

Paint Inlays: Indigo Floral, Rose Chintz

It's all very exciting and I hear more new things are coming.  We do have most things in stock and get supplemental inventory when we can.

We are back on schedule with Iron Orchid Designs' Live videos every other Wednesday at 6 pm ET.  We love to bring new project ideas to you.

New Dixie Belle/Belles and Whistles Products

We have all colors to some degree of their Chalk Mineral Paints with emphasis on carrying all sizes in the most popular colors. 

We also carry all the Silk Mineral Paints.   If you are not familiar, these new type of paints are an All-in-One paint.  They have the equivalent of 1 coat of primer (like Boss, blocking primer) and one top coat (like Clear Coat Flat or Gator Hide).  They have a very matte finish with a superb buttery feel.

We now carry quite a bit of their new line, Belles and Whistles DIY decor items like Mylar Stencils, Silk Screen Stencils, and Rice Decoupage Papers.  New items have recently become available but have sold out so stay tuned for more exciting Belles and Whistles products.

New Videos

We have new videos up on YouTube and plenty on our Facebook and Instagram pages for you to learn.   Linda always shares the latest tips and tricks.  Please reach out to us for any questions.

Until Next Time...

We will be busy with the new classes and hope you can join us.  We will be busy getting ready for holiday gift making and you're so very welcome to come in and see what we're up to.  We'd love to see you if you're in the area!  

Thank you sooooo very much for all you do to support us.

Stay Sa-sea!


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