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Classes are Back!

It's been awhile.  It's been quite a year.  We're happy to report that we currently have a couple classes up on our schedule.  We hope to have a few more before the year is done.

We apologize for taking so long, but as many of you know, Linda has been struggling with annoying health issues.  Though, things aren't back to par, we are trying to bring everything back to normal speed. 

To begin our classes, we will be crafting Fall goodies!  We have our Fall Pumpkins workshop on the schedule for October 13.  We plan on another Fall project or two as well.  Our ever popular Rustic Signs workshop is also on the schedule for October 2.  Stay tuned for Winter Holiday/Christmas workshops to be scheduled as well.

As authorized Iron Orchid Designs DIY Products as well as Dixie Belle Paint Products, we make great use of all these amazing products to bring fun studio classes to Hyannis/Cape Cod.

Shop our available Classes here.

We had a wonderful (hot) summer here on Cape Cod.  Linda and Joe have been busy with furniture pieces.  We sold quite a bit of our floor pieces but also kept busy with custom ones too.  As September has begun, we are now also getting more custom work.  

There are a couple of items I want to share with you all - 

First, as we have been getting more and more familiar with Dixie Belle Paint products (Chalk Mineral Paint, Silk Mineral Paint, Belles and Whistles, stains, waxes...) we have really come to love Scrubby Soap!  If you haven't tried Scrubby Soap, you really should!  Linda often makes remarks in videos on how helpful they are.  We use them to safely clean our brushes, stamps and especially brayers!  Made of Glycerin, Citrus Oil and Aloe, you will love their scent (Orange, Lemon, Lemon-Lime), the ease of cleaning and how it isn't bad for your hands.  There is a scrubby put into the actual soap which makes your cleaning a breeze.  They're so handy and work so well, you will surely fall in love with them as much as we love them!

Second - We have come to realize even though we love Dixie Belle's White Lightning cleaner for cleaning our projects, we still see the need to wipe down with Denatured Alcohol.  It really breaks down the oils/waxes AND if a piece was top-coated in a shellac or other alcohol finish, it will break it down and alert you to get that all off before continuing your paint project.  We recently ran into a problem with a couple pieces where wiping with Alcohol revealed the need to remove the previous finish.  Typically, the alchohol leaves the oils a milky color so you know there is more oils to remove.  In the case of the two projects, the finish started to "gunk" up.  Once we removed the remainder of the finish, the primer was allowed to adhere.

That's it for now!  We will try to check in on a more regular basis going forward.  Please follow us on our social media for helpful videos and photos of pieces in our store.  See links at the footer of our site here.

Thank you for your support!  

Linda and Joe

Here are some photos of things we've done this Summer.  Enjoy!  

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