We’re so very happy to have the door open to customers once again. We hope to see you come through our door soon! However, we ask, for our safety and yours, to wear a face mask and to sanitize your hands upon entering our store. We have sanitizer right at the door for your convenience. We know this is so strange and it is a strange new world we live in and it can be stressful to all. We just require you to wear a mask and sanitize for everyone’s safety. We are not doctors nor experts so we can not determine the normal sniffles from COVID19. If you have a cold or bad allergies, we pray you can understand if we ask you to not come in this time. We have been caring for my elderly Mother-in-Law so we need to be extra careful.

We are also working on a new website. This way, you won’t have problems navigating it on your mobile device – at least that’s our hope! We will have more options on our online store to make things easier to purchase as well. We want to offer you virtual classes soon as well and plan to in a couple different ways.

We pray you all have been safe and well. This past few months have not been anything we could have imagined prior to the pandemic happening. However, here we are. We are are strong – stronger than perhaps we know. So, let’s keep doing what we do and continue in a positive direction. Let’s all be kind and fair as well as healthy and safe.

More to come soon!