The busy time of year is here!  We’re excited to be here for our 2nd Summer.  This weekend is the big Figawi Race as well as the official start of Summer!  We have so many talented artists showcased here.  Please stop by and see.  Custom work has kept me busy so we currently have a lot of “brown” furniture but if you see a piece you like, you’re welcome to it!  They make great project pieces and we have all the supplies you need to paint your own!  We can also paint a piece here for you but we are a bit back-logged.

These stunning creations are made (with love) by Joell O’Malley of Seaside Mosaics, our newest artist.  Joell uses real sea glass, shells, sand and incorporates mirrors, glass, beads, coral, etc. to create these amazing works of glass art!  We are so thrilled to showcase her work.

Shadow Box Glass Mosaic

Cape Cod Blue Fish Shadow Box Glass Mosaic

Shark glass mosaic

Shark glass mosaic in painted black window frame

Red Head Mermaid

Red Coral Hair Mermaid glass mosaic in White frame

Purple Hair Mermaid

Purple Hair Mermaid glass mosaic in distressed White frame

Heart Mermaids glass mosaic

Heart ❤️ Pair of Mermaids glass mosaic in White window frame.